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Angel Emfrbl
• 12/30/2015

Chipspeech Wiki Adoption

Hello, in my attempts to adopt this wiki, because there is another active editor, I am writting this post just to see if anyone is in agreement to this? This wiki had basically been abandoned by it's creator and I really want to fix it up some more! I myself own the chipspeech software so I hope I am going to be able to be of a lot of help!

On another note, if there is anyone who just watches the page and lingers around not making edits, I would like to inform you about the Alter/Ego wiki I encourage you to help out both here and there, and help us grow these wikis!

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Angel Emfrbl
• 12/31/2015

I think you are okay. Those who have been achieve recently only lent a temporary hand to help you get where you needed to be. Nobody else can really edit the wikia too much, so you're pretty much stuck here with all the cards an nobody to play against. :-/

Normally, its based on number of edits, again you made plenty more then anyone else.

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