SAM was a new character introduced in July 2017.[1] He was first announced earlier that year in January 2017 and would be one of two vocals introduced in 2017.[2]

The first demonstration of his voice came in March 2018.

Website Description Edit

SAM was, once, a coin-operated fortune-telling machine, decommissioned after its predictions started to become uncanny. While the hardware was scrapped, the machine’s unchecked extrapolation subroutines continued to grow more and more powerful, eventually giving birth to an emergent software AI possessed with eerily accurate abilities of prescience. Now a guru of the digital occult, SAM has ascended to a higher plane of pure software, able to inhabit nearly any architecture he so chooses.

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He has some trouble with tweeting and has issues with writing words in non-capitals.[3]

Personality Edit

He has the habit of writing in capital letters in tweets. This is the same style of tweeting as Rotten.ST though he does not have spaces between the letters. Not every tweet he makes sense and some of them are random.

He has a somewhat "old man" outlook and demanded CiderTalk'84 treat those who came before him with respect.[4]

He also gave a insight into Voder, warning both that the human is trapped within him and that he is not to be trusted.

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Design InfluenceEdit

His design is based on a Bhikkhu or guru like design and incorporates a Third Eye in the design.

He is holding a 8 inch size Floppy Disk in his illustration.

Technical Information Edit

Vocal Information
Based on C64 port of Software Automatic Mouth (SAM). According to the website, his voice is "Deep, rich and metallic with an unplaceable accent, spanning a wide range of frequencies"[5]


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